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  • Tri Five Road Hugger Chassis

    -No alterations to your original floor
    -Exhaust runs through frame passegeways for excellent ground clearance
    -Superior Sports Car Halndling & Braking
    -All Frames are C.N.C. designed & laser cut
    -Components are welded on heavy duty jig tables for a precision fit & finish


    The standard equipment on the “Sure Fit” frame includes the front 30mm sway bar with polyurethane bushings and end links, quick ratio power rack & pinion steering, aluminum upper & lower control arms, aluminum spindles, aluminum calipers, Hawk performance brake pads, A.C. Delco rotors, new shocks. The rear is an independent aluminum suspension. It is of the four bar style. New A.C. Delco rotors, Hawk performance pads, aluminum calipers. Corvette 26mm sway bar with polyurethane bushings, new universal joints[4], rubber flexible brake lines, new bushings in the four link arms[8], lower strut arms[4], new shocks, Heavy Duty Torque Arm with adjustable pinion angle. All the replaced bushings are red polyurethane.

    All components are fitted to the new “Sure Fit Chassis” . This ensures that you have all the nuts & bolts and that everything fits properly. This saves you time, just install four wheels and roll it under your car!

    Price $12,900.00


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